Lyrics to Such A Girl
Such A Girl Video:
I keep thinking of him, every night I can see.
When he's smiling so bright, I know it's just for me.
All my friends tell me this. I shoudl say how I feel.
That he's perfect for me and this love is for real.
This picture in my mind, of him and I combined
in my dreams he'll always remain.

I'm such a girl and I live in my world with this guy that I
imagine will one day to be mine and I know. I'm such a girl
and I hope he'll come around and convey how he feels
and I'm wishing someday that he'll see. I'm such a girl...

If I give him this note. Speaking straight from my heart.
could this give me a chance, is this where our lvoe will start.

Who can stop wishing, my heart keeps racing.
Just from the though of him looking my way.
Pretty white flowers, under a rainbow.
I wish someday he'll be holding my hand
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