Lyrics to Subtleties
Subtleties Video:
You said you would never fall in love
Well, fate has smiled upon you, my dear friend
Push aside all the trite in your life
And take a chance with me

I'll change your mind
I'll change your life
I'll change, you're right
I'll change your lifestyle

Let's hold on before we get too into this
I don't know what I'm falling into
Indecision has left me so punch-drunk
And then, you hold my hand

You'll change my mind
You'll change my life
You'll wrong my rights
You'll change my lifestyle
Oh no...

I said I would never fall in love again
Well, fate has smiled upon me, my dear friend
As I push aside all the sordid things in my life
I'll take a chance with you

We'll change our minds
We'll change our lives
We'll change in spite
We'll change everything and nothing at all

(These subtleties get to me...)
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