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The Victory

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Lyrics to Subtle As A Bullet
Subtle As A Bullet Video:
I hope that Ill grow tired of
Raising hell tonight
Just as subtle as bullet
Blindly mixing chemicals
A formula as fatal
As the pills you take that grace your lips
Its a seductive lullaby
I wish these lies werent so sincere
The ones I beat my knuckles bare to fight
And I swore this off a thousand times before

But its danger that Im chasing
And Im hopin you feel safe
Because you wont be for long
When the soundtrack
To youre broken heart is the beat of mine
Cuz I wont make it home tonight

I can see right through
The smoothness of your pose
Cut like a razor you can be my
Lonely jezebel tonight
This stunning emptiness that
Keeps me from forgetting Im alive
So sing your siren song

Put this poison on your lips my darling,
for the perfect kiss to end the night
Its a fire inside that I just cant ignore
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