Lyrics to Subconscious Fear
Subconscious Fear Video:
The life forms our thoughts
The thoughts form our life
Let everyone have what he deserves
Life is just a game without good end

Subconscious fear, subconscious fear

There's a little time, the number of the dead's growing
Everybody is afraid of future
Stupid emotions from the books
Make us feel higher than the others are

Subconscious fear, subconscious fear

Every day - more corpses
Every day - more murders
Every day - there are disasters
And this is waiting for us too

This is followed by the grief
This is followed by the fear
The origin of this extinction
Is unknown for all of us

We'll never find - whose mistake it was
We'll never remedy - this fucking world

Subconscious fear in our eyes
Subconscious fear in our souls
Subconscious fear in our minds
Subconscious fear in our lives
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