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Lyrics to Stygian Love (How It Goes)
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Heads in our hands,
the choices you made,
cause of you, cause of you.
Destiny has brought you back
to the one big truth.
It creeps me to know that our paths have met,
once again, once again.
But just know i'm not the fool i used to be.
I'm not what i seem.

Now that it's all showed and done,
don't need to put your heart under the gun.
Either way i know you'll be back again.
Whenever i try to run from you,
your soul shocks me in an open room.
I can't push you away i can't pull you near,
and that's just how it goes.
(goes goes goes, how how how it goes)

run run run, you cannot hide it.
love love love won't let you deny it.(2x)

Don't be afraid of what you did in the past,
how we live, how we lived.
It's just about time you realize,
that you're mine.
Took a few tries to really open your eyes,
open wide, open wide.
Now the pain is just a memory of how it got so good,
like i knew it would.


run run run you cannot hide it,
love love love won't let you deny it(4x)

Stygian love it what it seems,
but when you close your eyes all you see is me.(4x)
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