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Cock Robin

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Lyrics to Stumble and Fall
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My conscience is troubled
My spirit is blessed
I'm off in the wrong direction
Every chance I get.
My love is demanding
Like getting my wish
My only obsession
Could drive me to this.
I really love you
'Cause I really need you
In spite of this world.

In spite of it all
My heart won't hate.
Stumble and fall
And sometimes you break.

My love is eternal,
My temper is quick
Some days are a nightmare
I just cross off my list.
My aim is steady
My sights have been set
I look for perfection
Inside of this wreck.
Everyone's happy
Beautiful and happy
I've seen for myself.

I've seen it all
All I can take,
I stumble and fall
And sometimes you break.

You're my one only wish,
I'll make the pieces fit.

My back's to the wall
No one's safe.
Stumble and fall
And sometimes you break.

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