Lyrics to Stubborn Vice
Stubborn Vice Video:
This is the only difference
They [America] don't practice what they preach
I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands
Even if he's wrong, than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil

I don't work how I should, work like I oughta
They say to be a novelist you read a lot of authors
I really don't, I kinda think I know it all
I'm cold. I'd much rather never be involved
I'm not selfish, I don't aim to hurt a person
And if we have an issue, we the ?
Cause I find the line of fire isn't worth it
Why you playn dumb like you hangin' on the word?
I'm not speakin' German, my memory isn't perfect
I honestly forget, I have when you remind me
Tired feelin' pressed, bottle my emotion
Till the point I explode out of stress
My brain neva rest

This nicotine makes it hard for me to take a breath
Works like a savior, but confronted with the stress
A mess, I know the squares come on life short like bike cuts(?)
Couple with the vodka to cool my esophagus
Girls are all in need of alcoholics anonymous
I smile to respond I was under control
Ho fo, lines can easy become premature
I cussa, back when I tell her who I ain't fuckin'
It's ill, but I can't help it
My good sense is fakin', but thinkin' streets above us
I'mma stand up citizen if you let me tell her
Bad habit's inescapable, like death
That's all I got left

(Hook break)

I'm impatient, if it's all the same to ya
Lemme hit you when I make it
Whether it's the beat or the rhyme when I design
Need freedom
It happened when it happened for a reason
I admit that I can be a dick
I need to take a pill, I'm agravated very quick
Like a broke science, use the eye of situation to the eye
I only have more just like it
I had to quit lettin' the thoughts breathe
Be yo own enemy when you can be a star in the ball league
But gettin' played ? did not stale
You either attract or you repel

Optimism only seem to work when you prevail
My sinisters(?) will keep a firm grip upon my will
Puttin' off today without never do the next
Cause ? lazy you jsut wanna chill
Worst habbit, neva have to speak without feel
Discourage the art of anything without a zeal
A con woman told me 'no supress from ???'
That are neva pressed forward by making retreated steps
Habit of insecurity, always feel it in there
She said 'work from your chest till you draw your last breath'
Retire to the latter and crash for all you slept
Cause my self loathing couldn't process what she is says

(Hook break)
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