Lyrics to Strong Swimmers
Strong Swimmers Video:
Cleared a path through the unusual snowfall
Our hands were cold, our hearts warm in the wet snow

Asked me if I still believe in Santa Claus
Well, Santa Claus is a very fine fellow

When we reached that frozen lake,
I thought it looked like it was strong enough to stand on
Held your hand as we softly took the first step
Ignoring cracks, bubbles, we're strong swimmers
We'd be walking on water in the summer

Held our ground through low clouds and dark skies
Clothes were damp and our skins cold to the touch, touch

Asked ourselves if we still believe in old tales
Stories come and they go but they come from somewhere

When we jumped through that frozen lake
I thought the fire was a lovely thing to lean on
Kissed your cheek and said "Darling, we're strong swimmers but
if I go down you better call Holly to save me"

We'd be buried in the water in the summer
We'd be leaning on lake tides and lilies

We've got the biggest hearts
At a big love
And we're all strong swimmers

We've got the biggest hearts
At a big love

We've got the biggest hearts

And we're all
And we're all
And we're all
Strong swimmers
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