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Lyrics to Strong And In Control
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Why is it so hard
Why can't we get along
I'm falling apart
Held it in so long
What should I do now?
I can't live this way
There is no reason to
Just go away

Tell me what it's like
To be strong and in control
All the while you're growing old
Tell me how you feel
Now that I'm lost and on my own
I just want to be alone

I thought you were happy
I thought we agreed
Why do you always
Take this out on me
You never believed me
You think I'm like them
My words are nothing
You can't hear me

Can't you see this ain't good for me
What do you think is so wrong with me
I'm not what you think, sometimes it seems like
What you've got me pegged as is just what you want me
To be
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