Lyrics to Stretcher
Stretcher Video:
When you feel you can't go on
Listen and you won't be wrong
$weetest of the voices
Whisper words into your ears

Call my name and I'll be there
Just say it and I'll come on

And my empire, the city of seirens
Will be your home

Shuffled souls of the wasteland
Skinned by whistle of the master words
Like hooks into your mouth

Try to judge my reasons
Try to see behind a face that looks like a mirror ball

Thousand nobodies
They're still on hold for my hot-line

They're all listed
Once existed a race
Of rational kind
Quite alphabetical and well-educated
I infiltrated like
Propella their rockefeller
Type O system
Some made it others faded time

We'll all get updated
Guess you're gonna be needing
Some uzis and zuccusis
And added full automatic prime

Hot-rod Suzukis
Wanna bitch and I'll fetch her
Cause my name is stretcher

Crack pot in power game
Meet me at the top again
Sweetest of the voices whisper words into your ears

Words manipulate
Till you see it's all your fate
Keeps your edges powdered
Stiff like linen on a string

And my empire, the city of seirens
Will be your home
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