Lyrics to Strenghtless
Strenghtless Video:
strengthless with the arms of a woman
I'm scared in a country that's measured by men
and the listing and the pulling of girls
makes a clean scrape of ego and arrogant dead
hide me down me to tiny living slip sister's new doll house
and raise up a home you'll miss me that's certain
my devil's at the curtain
bless me take me churching to river as head cuts the water
I'm small God shrieks, like a femme when he spots me
I'm crazy black beetle ignoring them all
got away with the crown of God
I'll set up scenes of bodies bent for me
and if it's not true then I'll pray to you
I'll start the praying see wait and see
more and more it's a sexy war I'm a man I'm a weakfish and pure unrest
urgent news rings from Europe the gloating winners
soured of a crease through his face folds him
rabbit bag handsome
things I want I'll do I know I'm small
I get away with the big ones
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