Street Side Effects Lyrics


Street Side Effects

Lyrics to Street Side Effects
What's it like for a trapper with a silent T
That's got people waiting for more besides the scene?
Gift and a curse, that's how life can be
Half a brick to the left, but what's right for me?
Career's building and these prices ain't getting no better
Still want know better, boy ain't doing what's best
I just let it blem, put it all in a press
Then it's interview suppressed, they wanna know what's the latest
But truth is I ain't made no music in ages
Sorry fans, I been hands - on
I know you're thinking "Why don't you put your mans on?"
I've done tried, and he ain't got the drive
So how you gonna balance? Told them I'll be alright
But I lied, rap and trap, there's a thin line
One hit away to be a number one star
But one brick away to be a number on a card

What's it like when you're out 'ere, all your niggas on the wock
So much calls a day, most days I wish that it could stop
'Cause I don't know what to tell 'em when they call
"How you been?" I just tell 'em that I'm cool
Pree the jewels, now they're thinking that I'm clear
But little do they know I'm nowhere near
Didn't send a cheque, now I'm fake and I'm not real
When deep down they know that I ate and I've got bills
And when they read the verdict out I swear it gave me chills
Been in that position so I know just how it feels
Chase that bag so I can bless 'em when they land
And if you don't live it you won't ever understand
Carry on that journey cah the ending should be better
And he got no release date, they hit him with that letter
And she ain't got no daddy for a while, cos they handled him in trial
Same clothes, he ain't got shit handed in a while
What's it like for a star that's content with one chick?
And even though shorty wanna tell me dumb shit
"You're a rapper and you're gonna fuck the groupies
And all you're gonna do is try and use me"
She don't know she blew it for herself
Told her that she's insecure and she needs to get some help
She's on the 'gram tryna get me jealous all week
She don't know I don't even care and I ain't seen
Busy in my bag, I ain't watching what I had
I'm just watching what's next
Hit my runner, he just told me what's left
But the moral is just focus on a sum
Stay lit and these bitches gonna come, facts
I know them ex bitches prolly run, back
But I don't take backsteps, I just look straight
My new 5 head's screwed and she looks great

What's it like losing little cuz? Man I feel like givin' up
Everybody phoning me and I don't feel like pickin' up
Worst ever time in my whole entire life
Future so bright, think about you every night
Hard to believe everything gon' be alright
Stuck, no emotion, I can't even cry
But God knows best, pray you watching from the sky
Can't believe I wrote these lines, man I wish it was a lie