Lyrics to Street Life
Street Life Video:
(feat. Telly Mac)

[Verse 1: Daz]
See I'm in it just for wit it
And I'm in it for the long run
Hang out the window lil' lower just for fun
I catch it all of ratch get feeled get called up
The shit I spit how shit get caught up
Get rid crow bar before a person 14-5
The shit niggaz gotta do try 2 get high
As time fly by so quick so fast
The dollars is big cash as I stacks my dash
I burn some hush wit some indo hang my rain out the window
Bullets flying just like missiles we the dawg
We mob type shit when we guiling we blast
As the job and then we dump him and slide him

[Chorus: Daz]

Its just the street life
thats how we live as a kid
Hoes,in drop top benz, having major ends [x2]

[Verse 2: Telly Mac]
(Its just the street life)
We breakin' out no matter what we keep it high tech
Flossin' on some benjamin' shit ready to strike, Mah niggaz bike it
C-B yours and all your babys all the homies is crazy poka face
Like Patrick Swayze
Burner glooves, black beanies they can't see me
America's nightmare white flags and treaty
Cause' dust this we can't trust us they busk us,
Pimps and hustla's trapped in they clutchus

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: JT Da Bigga Figga]
We knew, (Its just the street life)
For real loc so you gotta hustla bitch make ends
Don't fuck with no fake friends, you ride until the end
You claim to be the realist but you came to pretend
Drink piss thought I was rich cause I was willin' in Benz
Rolls royces, and date weed feelin' the hen(hen)
And plus I rolls wit the squad drinkin' mob mend(mob mend)
And plus a thug niggaz thugged out niggaz ready to play hard
Pullin' your J-car still ridaz like Jay-R
Ready to bust like a A-R, hang wit the way 4
Leavin' anything movin' scarred, We Westcoast stars
Spittin' million dollar porno's for ours
Who the fuck wanna star not me I gotta get it
I represent it, still stick to getting riches
The world is endless nigga dis is how we livin'
The street life (thats how we live as a kid
Hoes,in drop top benz, having major ends)

[Chorus x2]

[Fade to End]
Songwriters: ANTHONY S. CRUZ / Cooper / Wardlaw
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