Lyrics to Street Friction
Street Friction Video:
Wintertime's such a cold and bitter time For some, but not for others Christmas eve Outside the snow's coming down Children Happy, Santa's Coming While the homeless scurry through town Mothers and Fathers turn away Grandparents just hope to see one more Christmas Day Children, Kids, they just don't know How Street People freeze to death When...It...Snows Crime in the streets A bag lady's crying Knife in her stomach And she's dying She'll be dead by tonight Prostitutes down on Wingate and Sixth Pimps come by, give 'em a fix twice a night You, You say that you hate it But you, You don't do nothing about it The streets are alive They're hoping to survive the night But, nobody lives in this life to long Nobody thinks they belong So honestly nobody cares Since people are too wrapped up in themselves to notice Street People Sleeping in the city's trash Street People Having to beg for a little cash Street People Never having a place to go Street People Freeze to death When-It-Snows

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