Lyrics to Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk Video:
Just her day (yesterday?) action set the girl to the attraction
Is a natural refraction, yr affection
Say it ain't so, you got the dough
You've got the looks, I've got the hooks
It's the difference between will and yr passion
In the future, it'll never happen
I'll never die, you'll never lie
Oh my my, oh my my
[Stwaberry milk was a fantasy
Livin' at the top of the open tree
Nobody around just you and me
Looking as far as we could be]
Woke up next day, the attraction was armed
Said, "I'm not a feminist I'm a boy who's been wrong"
"Partly in such," he said with a flare,
"I'm gonna sit here, and watch you bare..
I must be fair, I'm so complex, do nothing but weep,
and shuffle my feet, until you've fallen in love with my cheek"
Turned down his heel and ambled away
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