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Lyrics to Strangulation
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I don't wanna feel a thing.
When your hands close tight around my neck,
and force the air that I breathe.
I don't wanna feel a thing.
Yes she was a young girl.
Bout the age of 23.
But somehow the lord never smiled down upon her,
so she flew out on a breeze.
Said: "I don't wanna feel a thing, I don't want to feel a thing."
Sure he was a good kid.
But his phone it'd never ring.
He got tired of walkin a tightrope,
needin too much to drink.
So he got on a knee.
"I don't want to feel a thing"
but I know there's someone that loves up above
and want to fix you a dream.
He wants to sit down and think.
He wants to pour you a drink.
And you wont feel a thing.
You wont feel a thing
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