Lyrics to Strangle Game
Strangle Game Video:
Oh! Time moves so slow
I need something to do
I invite you to my

Acromatic in a grey world
Need some color in his life
Like in a horror flick
He love when the blood runs thick

Plastic elastic
Really nice
Wrapped up cadavers
Is what he really likes

He turns to you
With his hands around your troat
Then you turn blue

Can I please see how long you can hold your breath?
How long you can last without air?
When will you stop kicking with your legs
He´s created his own strangle game
And now your dead.

The stiches itches
Cuts in the skin
Hold together
Just by a string

Some art can´t be wrong
I have som much bodies to be done
Some for food and some for fun
A game out of bore, not boring anymore
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