Lyrics to Strange War
Strange War Video:
Why does this always have to fall upon my head
Isn't it enough that it's somewhat living hell
Yeah, it's kinda scary being driven by a fool
It doesn't really matter babe got better things to do

Yeah, you know the place when the lights go down
it's another world we'll be in
See your face 'til the sun comes up
We'll find our way tomorrow

From day one of history
it's always been the same
Everyone you know
and everyone you've met
is driven by their own thing
like the rulers and the kings
the highest one takes the sun

we all get the disease
The old man's soul lives in the ground
He says hello, my name's unknown to you
There is no win there is no lose in this world
An eye for an eye is all you get
Forget about the lines between love and hate
Love and hate
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