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Lyrics to Strange Chameleon (English)
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I wanna be your gentleman
Let's go look for a place where we can change to be like someone else
I wanna be your gentleman
Let's try aiming for a forest that will hide us so that we won't hurt
swimming in a dirty river with dirty me
you were really very pretty
while bobbing up and down after we finally got to the other side
I'm still thinking about it even now always

I like being with you and I hate almost everything else
a freakish chameleon that can't blend in with its surroundings
I want to sing a gentle song and I only need applause enough for one
That one would be you

I wanna be your gentleman
my tail that won't fall off properly is all thorny
I wanna be your gentleman
you can't treat the scratches, no they won't heal
I bet it's just a little longer for sure' holding my breath all the while
we even tried lining up in some pointless line
It's as if we live on, playing some unending prelude' you say
and we laugh as if we're already dead

Even if the world is all hit and miss and it's all cause and effect
and even if you realize that you just can't go on being the color you were born
stand on your head, it still won't change I'm prepared to be destroyed
I'm a Strange Chameleon

Don't misunderstand, okay I'm not sad or anything like that
it's a tie-in, right? loneliness and freedom are, always

even if everything is a lie and it's all an alibi
and the cat that finally got used to you was only hungry the whole while
and it's all just an illusion that'll pop right away with a snap
the palm of your hand is still warm

The ages keep on spinning round fearlessly
and the page that we spent together will be torn and carried away
and become a single worthless fossil in history
I'm still glad that I met you
Bye Bye I'm a Strange Chameleon
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