Straight To The Bone Lyrics

Martina McBride

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Lyrics to Straight To The Bone
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I'm starrin' at this empty chair, listenin' for the laughter that went
Clear up to the ceiling. It's so long since you were sitting there and now
The rust is rustin' and the paint is peelin'
I miss you

I read your letters and I almost break. They're warm like flannel, I can
Still smell your after shave. I don't spend all my time missin' you like
This, but when it hits, it hits

You felt like home, and I feel you now straight to the bone. I miss you...
This sure can be a lonely place. I wanna look up and see you there standin'
In the doorway. And I'd give anything to kiss your face and help ya blow

You felt like home. I feel you now, straight to the bone. I miss you

I wanna hear you in the kitchen, makin' noise, singin' out a tune at the
Top of your voice. I wear these memories, it's a blessing and a curse
'Cause when it hurts, it hurts

You felt like home and I feel you now, straight to the bone. I miss you
I miss you
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