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Lyrics to Straight Outta Q.B.
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(Cormega) Straight outta Queensbridge A crazy motherfucker named Cormega In a viper chromed out beyond measure I got your girl and ??? Automatic that'll have your ass twirling Niggaz know if they ever fuck with me The police gonna have to come get me off your ass I don't really give a fuck Bitch Motherfucker, I'll severely hit you up Niggaz wanna mumble when I come through Iceberg jeans and Ice coming out the sleeves Showing off on a motherfucker like that Cause I'm a hustler slash rapper Life's a bitch my gunsmoke will make you catch cancer Nigga I rep the streets til I rest in peace If you wanna bring your vest and heat My projects will be the last place you ever see So when you're in my neighborhood, you better duck Cormega is crazy as fuck When it's on, your ass better mean it Cause when I turn bad boy I'm coming straight outta Queensbridge (DJ) Poet is his name (Poet) And my thunns come Sraight outta Queensbridge The foulest nigga out in the bridge Piss in your Tropicana put it back in the fridge New niggaz signed to punk Hell no they can't live What the fuck you think this shit is, Thanksgive? Now let's get right back to how foul I am Nobody knows how foul I am Scratch my balls, then shake your hand Gas a girl to fuck on me and my man I do what the fuck I want because I can Niggaz try to front, the guns go BLAM! Back in the days when coke was 20 a gram I was the nigga selling soap for 50 a gram And I was the nigga working in your hallway Radio blasting early morning Sunday Crackheads lined up Old ladies dressed up Praise the lord, chill y'all I know that's messed up But I'm the foulest of the foul The wildest of the wild Shitting on niggaz King Kong style Y'all don't like it, then don't buy it Can't stand the heat in the kitchen? Bounce bitch cause I'm wired My whole clique been on some shit Mentally sick Taking niggaz ice and they're new Bentley whip Mothers they come around Don't give your baby mothers shit Now just how foul can foul get? Straight outta Queensbridge (DJ) [Jungle] Ayyo Jungle [Yo] Tell em where you from (Jungle) Straight outta Queensbridge I'm selling crack to a pregnant mother And make her daughter think I love her The gutter is real Fiends move fast on the hill Broad daylight gats do peel (so what about the bitch who got shot?) fuck it You really think a nigga give a fuck when I'm bucking? You stupid bitch I bang out no remorse Then the very next day, I floss With the whole hood hot, ??? going nuts Niggaz I grew up with scared to say "what up" When I walk by you can see the blood in my eye Staying thug til I die Smoke bud to get high Yo, that's how my brave heart turned cold Nigga fuck the judge, fuck his robe Fuck parole And motherfuck the globe and I fucked your ho You ain't know? I'm straight outta Queensbridge

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