Straight Out The Gate Lyrics

Oso Closo

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Lyrics to Straight Out The Gate
Straight Out The Gate Video:
I've been in a writer's block for months
Maybe it's just that nothing's going on
Or maybe there's a simpler explanation
For my lack of song
Formula seems to have worn out
Hang out in a bar and drink and let your hair grow long
Or maybe we can figure out
What went wrong

He who began a work in me
Is faithful to finish it completely
But am I faithful, faithful to
Spend a little time not working on you

People been calling me all day
Hey man, can I get into your show?
No sir, I'm afraid I can't help you out
No, not today, but maybe tomorrow

So listen up
Cause I've got something to tell you
I've been in a writer's block for months

Every time I dream
There's a color scheme
When I dream of you
It's in shades of blue
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