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Lyrics to Straight Lines For Construction Workers
Straight Lines For Construction Workers Video:
franklin was a construction worker
down on the east side of town
the folks there say he let his loved ones down
but what did they know cuz
the sky was so close
his family so poor
nobody says nothing when a hard-hat hits the ground
except when he's got bills to pay and owes money all over town
so they found the note that read:
"so long farewell, cruel world. but folks die everyday."
he's giving it up it said
but he's been saving it up for years
the pressure is building
sometimes it's too great
we all know frankie's gotta get away
oh god, please don't tell my son i went this way
she put her heart in a suitcase along with everything else
she moved in with her mother
couldn't stand being by herself
all the while thinking her future looks black
and the past all seems gray
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