Straight From The Streets Lyrics

S.L.A.B. (Slow Loud And Bangin)

Volume 3

Lyrics to Straight From The Streets
Straight From The Streets Video:
(feat. Trae, Lil B, Showtyme, Quizno)

Uh-oh, you boys thought we was out the game huh
S.L.A.B., Slow Loud And Bangin'
Lil B in this bitch, AKA By-Bo in here with the fam
Trae, Jay'Ton, Dougie D the S.L.A.B. fam
You feel me we putting it in your face
These tweety bird ass niggaz thought we was out the game
We straight from the streets, get it right
Young underground punks

They don't wanna see me, that same cat
Draped up in black, with a black beanie
For the pretty penny, I'ma split a mic
In a competitor's face, niggaz trip they see me
See we be straight from the streets, on the block where the thugs wreck beats
With Lil B and and Jay'Ton up in the booth, you know we keep it street
Then I let you know we keep it gangsta, haters I thank you for hating
Ain't no escaping the raping, while you be waiting I'm skating
From beat to beat penetrating, but flying sharp like a raven
Keeping my fans contemplating, on every flow I be saying
And spraying loud, I'm Slow Loud And Bangin' dog
We S.U.C., Guerilla Maab until the day my casket fall
I'm straight out the gutter I don't love you, unless you be repping my team
Or unless you repping my theme, we guerillas and wolverines
With that P-O-K-E-Y, and that H-A-Dub-K
Z-Ro, Dougie D and B and Big Moe and I be that Trae hey
What they say I gotta rep it, and spit it a major factor
Exclusively for the straights, if you want it we coming at you

[Lil B]
These haters don't wanna see me, repping S-L-A to the B
Keep it real we straight from the streets, and duck on buck 24's on my feet
I'm Lil B you gon respect that, with Warren G squashing the chit-chat
When you hear the flow request they play back, got everybody saying who that
Wanna do that not a cool cat, when you see Jay'Ton and L-I-L to the B
Slow Loud And Bangin' my family, with Guerilla Maab Trae and Dougie D
Plus Z-Ro the ghetto hero you already know, that we throwed so cold
Cause on the blocks we keep it locked, for the underground we gon hold

[Hook x2]
Slow Loud And Bangin'
You know, we straight from the streets
We keep it gutter, and we never ever changing
You know, we straight from the streets
Guerilla M double A-B
You know, we straight from the streets
And for that S.U.C
You know, we straight from the streets

Ain't no love, in these motherfucking streets
Don't ever leave the castle, without your motherfucking heat
You niggaz wanna play the game, then bring it on
We be bumping and grinding, until we buy the Astro Dome
I'm protected by the colony, and my fo' pound
Everything confidential, you will never hear a sound
This is how it goes down, in the city where I stay
And niggaz come up missing, every motherfucking day I don't play
Ain't no smile on my face, because it's real
If it comes down to you and me, you getting killed
Click-clack with the steel, squashing all chat
Put a quarter in your hat, face down kissing cracks
This the underworld nigga, we connected by the ghetto
We street survivors, jump the slab off of metros
Swang hard like Astros, niggaz bumping that Show
You don't wanna see the Showtyme, let the tech go

I stay in the streets, just like the concrete
Like a soldier I'ma march, when you fucking with my peeps
I'm grabbing the heat, ready to bust at any time
Two up in your head, and three up in your spine
I just sip the four, and it's five after nine
I stay on my grind, ain't no need for the lying
These niggaz caught with that plex, these niggaz gon start dying
Ain't even much tripping, that's the way that we shine
It's H-Town Screw house, and them boys from S.L.A.B
When we see a yellow bone, and on the butt we gon grab
H-Town represent, you hoes better get it right
Cause if you don't get it right, it ain't nothing nice nigga

[Hook x2]
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