Strafplanet Erde Lyrics


Desertification - EP

Lyrics to Strafplanet Erde
Strafplanet Erde Video:
Text: Stefanie, André, Alexander
Musik: Alexander
Arrangement: Aavas

Earth is our penal colony
Here live the weak, natural born
Such as we are
Doomed to work for the upper class
Together with cruel
Criminal folks

Sunt damnati stella eniti

Damaged earth
The imprisoned we are
We are poor,
Natural born, drags of humanity
Stinking rich society escaped to other planets
Affluence society in a synthetic world

Ruined nature - poisoned and smashed
We have to wear oxygen masks
War damaged the earth
But the greed for money and might
Never dies - where is the end?
People starve
The wind is sweet with toxic rain
Our major fault the human greed
This is the end

No natural life in that world
Perfection has turned
A burden to us
God does not exist in that world
The people theirselves
Pretend to be god
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