Lyrics to Stormtroops
Stormtroops Video:
Your bravure has forged like steel in fire
A spirit of thousand storms
The breath of the wind awaked your pride
Carnages in the name of the Southern Throne.

We are fighting as thunders in the forest
Of the bloodies fields
Like destroyers giants warriors
In a realm of barbarian
Cause you will never see the fear in my face
But than the strenght and pride of my spirit
In the frontlines

At nightfall we┬┤ll have been
Marching abouve our enemies
With the bravure of this sword
I grasped my pride
The twilight of fire was formed
Abouve destroyed christians feats...
Songs and hymns of pride and glory
Are now hear in the wind.

We Fight - For the Ancient Pride!
We Fight - For the True Empire!
We Fight - For the impious strive!
We Fight - For the Glorious Before Time...
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