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Area 7

No Logic

Lyrics to Stormin'
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You've got no emotion and you've caused a commotion, Well you've always gotta have your way. Selfish little miss, well I've had enough of this, Today's the day your gonna pay! You're my big mistake - now I've had all that I can take, Time to pack your things and go. Time for my revenge - you ask are we still friends, But me hurt me like you'll never know! There's plenty in the sea - you know you're not the one for me, so I'll find another place to play. Selfish little bitch - time for me to make a switch, Today could be my lucky day! and so... It's time we were apart - time to mend my broken heart, Don't want to hear your name again, You wanted wedded bliss and a house and some kids But all you gave me was this pain... What can I do - you think you're clever, I say - no never. What can I do - you thinks it's clover, I say - its over. You say that we're a pair, I'll scream in my despair

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