Stop...und Weiter Lyrics

Alexander Marcus


Lyrics to Stop...und Weiter
Stop...und Weiter Video:

i know what i came to do
and that ain't gonna change
so go ahead and talk your talk
cuz i won't take the bait
i'm over here doing what i like
i'm over here working day and night
if my real ain't real enough
i'm sorry for u bae

lets find a light in our universe now
where ain't nobody keep on holding us down just come and get it let them say what they say cuz i'm about to put them all away

focus on me
focus on me

i can tell you're curious
it's written on ur lips
ain't no need to hold it back
go head and talk ur shit
i know ur hoping that i'll react
i know ur hoping i'm looking back
but if my real ain't real enough
than i don't know what is
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