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Lyrics to Stop And Go
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Well I've been up, I've been down
Treading water I'm now found
Keeping my head just above
The antithesis of love
Yes, I've been lost now I find
It's a struggle to be kind
We would without what lies within
Twist and break
At the whim of the wind
And we're not getting any younger
That's why I stop, gotta go
Hit the road, I'm out the door
Cause life's just wasting away
Chasing time day after day
So live it up while it lasts
Hurry up it's moving fast
Should really get hip to this
Sometimes ignorance
Is light years from bliss
Life is stop and go
Traffic, stop and go
Life is stop and go
The more I learn the less
I know how to stop
Ride the brake right to the top
It's all about patience
And of thinking first for once
Still some finagle their way
How they do it I can't say
Against all odds they prevail
Should be capsizing
But they're setting sail
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