Stoned & Reeling Lyrics

Far Too Jones

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Lyrics to Stoned & Reeling
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Give me something I can use
Help me change your point of view
I kill the lights off in her room
Here in the darkness, Jennifer is breaking down

All those stories I've been told
If you lose your faith you lose your soul
I've got nothing left to lose

She gets up and looks around
Takes another drink and lays back down
I said my God I'm going to leave this place somehow

(What if I) was just like you
(What if I) don't need the truth
I'm stoned and reeling
I've got a feeling in my bones
There has got to be a way to pull you in

I don't need all the bandages they just help me bleed
Please don't get me wrong this time
I'd love to stay and live your lie
But I'm just hoping you can keep it to yourself


No one's done this to me
I was wounded by design
So won't you come and pacify me
You gotta pull me in

Can't find the time, no time to find
All the reasons Jennifer is breaking down
Within these walls I stand alone
Encircled by all I've done wrong
Somewhere someone's gonna break this time I know

CHORUS (x 2)
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