Lyrics to Stoned Izm
Stoned Izm Video:
Well, it's the alley cat puffing on the hoody max
Some think I'm a criminal, yo, I ain't all of that
Hit you with a baseball bat
When you ill don't you wanna fuck around, get fucked on the heel, bro
Thinking with a steel toe
Real slow hits from the bong make me feel like Cheech and I'm talking it with chrome
Just like Cheeck I'm fronting with the ice-cream
Cypress Hill giving you an ice-cream
Speaking like the bullet in your mouth is on tightly
I'm like a funky beat, why you tryna fight me?
Think soft, incite me, that's not polite, G
And the apple'I might be harassed but I pick real fast
They wanna run and king me, I was tryna crown my ass
Ain't got no class
I hit the gas like the'that's stinky, they on as fuck but they just so linky dinky
I'm the freaker, the one that freaks the funk
'got to Philly and he's gonna roll the blunt
Sipping out the cufu make me go cuckoo
Something like loco then I turn it to a cycle
I never went up and I don't think I'm gonna
'you think you know what I'm meaning?
I got something for the hoes to be scheming'
Then I light another joint
'Cause this ain't no exploitation, homes
For we are the ones strolling on the ways of the masters
'Cause all we do is spark madness
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