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Lyrics to Stoned Capone
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From the essence of my being to the judgement of my keeper
I'm not scared, no prayers, you can tell it to the reaper
I've concluded it's illusion just a figment of my thoughts
People really need to listen but they all prefer to talk
Off the top I'm a fucking God
Raise hell, all hail who the fuck are ya'll?
I'm in the mood that belong in a zoo
I'm the ostrich that flew
Don't gotta see it to believe it
Ask your momma, it's true

I fly away
I fly away
I fly away
I fly away

The walls are peeling, my heart is beating in unison
If I am me and you are you then who is him?
If all these peasants have power then who the fuck is king?
I see the man in the mirror, call him my lonely twin
I see these things all around me falling like snow
Evaporating into nothing, so deeper downward we go
The rabbit hole never full it rabidly take a hold
It's been a different experience for every rabbit I know

So let's walk in this green park
I am lost in you sweetheart
Let it go for the time being
Be yourself, don't you mind me

I see the life you leading, leading to a life of meaning
Bleeding out my mind like I don't like the way you're fucking breathing
Blinded by the media, our chance to see is ever fleeting
When will we awake, the countless sheep will only help the sleeping
Help the needy, I wish I could but I am hella greedy
Sitting in my office counting money while I'm watching TV
I am the genie that never granted your wishes
And now you work washing dishes while I'm at home with your Mrs
A couple zannies in my phanny pack will keep you mellow
Blending in the couch until my limbs will start to feel like jello
Hello, hi there, I'm scared of my nightmares
I'm lazy as fuck but my mind busy as time square
You in a high chair getting force fed, this horse shit
Try to fight it, it'll only render you more sick
You should know that I lost it, left my key on the doorstep
Tripping on my own ego, don't ever try it, it's toxic

I fly away
I fly away
I fly away
I fly away
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