Lyrics to Stone
Stone Video:
I'm patrified of going back to the hell what I lived once.
She's my torment in hell and pleasure in life.
She stole my salvation, she stole my way of life.
I can't feed my hunger for life!

So cruelly she cut the hand.
I wanted so much to reach out and grab it.

So cruelly she teaches me like a child how to start a fire to burn myself, and it would burn me like a torch.

Let the silence swallow the words and the oceans drown the world.
I crossed the line of everything lost, wich was drawn behind me.

I'm afraid that the regret won't never fade away.
Like a stone on my shoulders, I have a reason to stay.
I have reason to stay with these frozen memories.
I'm crowning to a stone.

Did i deserve all these things I got?
Only memories makes a sense keeping me alive.
Life in my world is just a dark cube.
In this little circle of mine, I'm choking to weight of my stone
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