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[EightBall]Let it looseMature contentHere we come again bitch, in your mothafuckin' faceEightBall and M-J-fuckin'-G rippin' up the placeComin' out hard, like I told you I was gonna doAt the Marriott, lettin' your hoe do what she wanna doNot because I paid her, or made herNigga who, you think I be a trick and give my money up?UhNo, no, I got game for a hoeBaggets and comboIn a wooded out TahoeMurder niggazCane slangin', gang bangin'Hand language got my mind twisted and tangledI remember walkin' up and down Orange MoundMemphis Tenn, that's my mothafuckin' stompin' groundMade it out, givin' back, bustin' dope rapsYou can't run, in every neighborhood they bustin' capsCountry niggaz, tinted out, gettin' fucked upThe wrong move will get your whole crew fucked upI wouldn't speak it, if I never thought it dig thisYou critisize this, bitch, I gotta live thisSo i keep my pen, and I keep my 4-5thLight a spliff, nigga me and G comin' throughChrousStompin', Pimpin'You can't fuck with thisStompin', Pimpin'Ain't no competitionStompin', Pimpin'We the shit niggaStompin', Pimpin'Bitch come and get some[MJG]We got that big pimpin' and I'm big footin'Shit I'm doin' it, you couldn'tHell, Suave House got it locked downNigga, you shouldn't, even tryTo fuck with M-J should I pimp this for excersizeWoman, I don't want your pussy, now rest your thighsNo testin' eyes, stays on my B's and U's and D'sI got my P-H-T-DPimp hoes to death in '83Memories they rollin' overdick riders, keep me focusedHuh, what you say bro, you aint' know thisGet off the ground, now you know thisAnd bitch, shut up talkin' to me with that same old,Say, say, like a, can I touch your braids, and a, can I see you shades?Hell no bitch, can I see you dough, can I see your jaws?Get away from me, old groupie ass bitchGo suck some ballsAin't no stoppin' usNiggaz, you need to realize, quicklyFuck you, if you, niggaz ain't with meCool ass teacherComin' out your bitch house, limpin', niggaStompin', pimpin'Chorus[EightBall]Yeah, we be droppin' dope shit for the real onesNiggaz got real guns, cause they make real fundsHood cats, who only fuck with hood ratsBlunt rollin' hoes, holdin' on to daddy's sackStashin' gats, if I ask, she gon' let it looseI practiced tellin' hoes everything but the truthStay away from funky niggaz, cause they turn to thievesOn my knees, meditatin' smokin' treesShootin' game, with hard core rap agilityCross the globe with my southern mackabilityBlack fat nigga all about my green stack nigga, we pack niggaThis ain't no act niggaChorusCome and get some98, these weak niggaz death dateBitch come and get someYeahUh, uhMake it funky for 'emPlay it back one timeStraight Stompin', Pimpin''Space Age foreverWhat you say?Know what I'm sayin'?What you say?Let me ride, for my real niggazUhYeahEightBall the fat mack (one time)And MJGSpace Age foreverSuave House niggaSuave House niggaSuave House niggaSuave House niggaKnow what I'm talkin' about?UmKeep it goin' babyUmSplit oneFill it upRoll it upSpark it up (fire it up)Know what I'm sayin'?Smoke with meSmoke with meGet high with meNigga ride with meBitch come and get some

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