Still My Body Aches Lyrics

Thomas Dybdahl

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Lyrics to Still My Body Aches
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Once upon a time, I was feeling fine
I was in my youth's prime and there was nothing I could do but
hang loose and let the world take me places I had never seen
Nobody told me what to do, nobody told me what to (dream)
Dreams these days consists mostly of you and me
We run from place to place and seemlessly we end up
where we started that night
when just a quick glance from across the room
was enough to send me to the moon

Still my body aches
Still my body aches
Still my body aches

From the time I was doing push-up and sit-ups
I figured I had to be strong for you guys
in case anything happened
and I was left to take care of you all
And I exhausted myself from my tireless effort to be a good (man)
Man, I was afraid, I was petrified and the days grew darker and
longer and though my body prevailed
it sent shivers down my spine
to think that I'd someday
Yeah I'd someday grow weary of this
This life that sometimes feels like a big joke
where death was the final punchline that everybody waited for
But I'm not ready yet
I have a new vigour
And I intend to see this thing through to the end, my friend

But still my body aches
Still my body aches
Still my body aches
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