Still In Love With You Lyrics

Gary Moore

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Lyrics to Still In Love With You
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I think I'll just fall to piecesIf I don't find something else to doThis sadness never ceasesWoman, I'm still in love with youMy head, it keeps on reelingIt's got me in a crazy spinOh, Darling, darling, darling, darlingIs this the end?Still in love with youSo people say time has a way of healingAnd it can dry all the tears from your eyesOh but darling they don`t tell youAbout this empty feelingAnd I can not disguise itAfter all that we've been throughI try my best but it's no useI`ll always keep on loving youIs this the end?Still in love with youNow that it's all overWoman, there's something I think you should knowBaby, baby, you might think it overJust one more time before you goCall on me babyIf there's anything I can do for youCall on me baby, babyHelp me see it throughI'm still in love with you

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