Lyrics to Still Ill
Still Ill Video:
Ey yo I'm still wicked like Ice cube I get loosecan't stop till I get 6 crowns in the juicewho am I iz the ill muthafuckado or die we gives a fuck muthafuckerspittin' fire gimme that mic so I can rock itI got a million rhymes in my pocket till I stop itI drop it for the love of it I'm in it 2 win itmy rapstyle techniques kill yo azz inna minutecan I kick it yes you canyou fucking with the wrong crew fucking with the wrong mangoddamn I swear you smell MC aromaleave yo azz in the Koma when I come around the cornerwhat the fuck I rock yo block no questionthe last thing you see in yo life is my reflectionyou can't stand my action my perfection is godlesscuz when I'm on the mic muthafucka you're joblessHook:Lemme hear you yo yo (yo,yo)blaze shit iz all up in my flowand a pop pop (pop, pop)4 the hits I drop up in yo blockand what, what4 the lyrics that I'm gonna shockand woo, woo (woo, woo)what yuo gonna doLemme hear you hoho (ho, ho)4 the illest rhymes up in my showand a pump pump (pump, pump)4 the funk I got up in my trunkand a yes yes (yes, yes)4 my class that nobody can messand woo woo (woo, woo)what you wanna doIII'm the illest muthafucka a live stormin your areathe ill massaker lyrically blastin yatestin ya smokin yo azz like weedI feed microphones with words till yo eyes bleedfucked up no criminal straight up physicalIllmatic is my name call me lyrical originaltime 4 open fire the mic iz my desiretakin you higher 2 my own empiremy entire family is blessed wid da giftI don't give a fuck what the hell you sniffback 2 the essence get your lessons so come nearso I can fuck your flow and stick my dick in your careerI'm here wid lyrical fitness hit this wid a witnessdon't touch dat mic bitch rap iz my businessI'm serious you betta call the cops fuckin Dummycuz I can't stop till I see my azz swim in moneyHookIIIEy yo I come thru to check me out 1-2 out the junglehere he comes Double Trouble Personal ready 2 rumblethe Ill lyricist tung twist hyperactivemy style's interactive massive radioactivewhat the deal son ready to run up on a MCLife Poet Society kill my enemies verballythe prophecy it's on the bomb Ill the capricorntransform like spawn come over you like a killa swarmon your marks get set go it's time 2 set itskillz you never get it cause you smell like a fagottdamned Illmatic bringin the drama 2 yo mamainvincible karma eat yo azz like Jeffrey Dahmershine like crystal unstoppable like pistolwhat the fuck you want bitch I'm unpredictablelisten I destroy fake ones like King Kongso lemme hear you yo yo just for my kingdomHook

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