Lyrics to Still Can't
Still Can't Video:
VERSE 1 (JP's verse)

My every move is a calculated step,
I been waiting a long time to let my shit vent,
I been puttin' in work while you bitches got bent,
I been grindin' for so long while mufuckas slept,
I'm so sick with the mental part of the game,
you bitches are lame, got me dyin' and shit with you poppin' your chains,
you need to stop with the games, you lyin' droppin the names, ego trippin' little bitch I'm takin' shots at your fame

I'm a dictionary definition hustler's ambition,
percision spittin' written word homie sit back and listen,
you causin' friction I ain't with it, homie bad for business, you a bonafide soon to be apparition,
Now, I been patiently waitin' for a track to explode on,
you bitches in the industry be doin' shit so wrong,
Your attitude is fucked and your mind is so gone,
time for me to bounce, see you later, so long


You can't fuck with this,
You can't fuck with this,
when the mid-west connect with that west-coast shit,

You can't fuck with this,
You can't fuck with this,
McNastee spit over JP hits

(Thanks to Grim for these lyrics)
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