Lyrics to Stiff And Ditched
Stiff And Ditched Video:
When I saw you in that ditch
I knew you wanted me bad
your stiff broken body stimulated my glands
threw you in a bag took you away with me
to a cheap motel at the end of the street

checked in locked the door
had you be my sleazy whore
orally, anally, you gave me everything for free
snuck you in cause I didnt want to pay for two
what fun Im gonna have with a girl like you
cockroaches skittering across my back
as I infiltrated your bloated crack

found an old rubber on the soiled rug
drilled you, spilled it on your glaze eyed mug
left you behind for anothers joy
no guilt or emotion, just a hot sex toy

a job well done deserves a generous tip
left a twenty dollar bill on your sticky lip
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