Stick Figure Makeover Lyrics

In Reverent Fear

Written In The A.M.

Lyrics to Stick Figure Makeover
Stick Figure Makeover Video:
The pieces fit in you my dearest angel. watching you, watch me. is my heart still circled by your love? oh most precious of gifts, my life faces you. these days never end when summer sun sets cold. burn and cry. some days i wish for cement, but caution tape and worried faces cant make a bad year better. my hope becomes wishes, wishing on stars, wishing for dreams, when dreams wont mend anything. cause i feel soon, this will stick, and the better part of me will make a grand escape. and just like clockwork, ill pull my collar up, i'll face horror everyday. hoping things will change, from nothing to something. but i'm not asking, and i'm expecting. when every hour another tells me to give it time. how can they say that time heals, when time heals nothing but broken bones. i'm tired of beating my fists, waking up with the weight of everything i have lost. i am finally asking; spirit, please fill this lowly place. today is the day

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