Stepping Stones Lyrics

Abandoned By Bears


Lyrics to Stepping Stones
You are the clouds
Hanging over me
Casting shadow so I can’t see
Where I’m going

No sunlight, but it’s alright
Left to roam all alone
I was just another stepping stone
And I probably should have known

Letting my guard down
Would leave me far down
Letting my guard down
Would lead me far down

And I always knew that you’d be the one to turn around and run
While I am watching, standing by the side
Waiting to exhale
You made it all seem so unfair
I’m just so glad that you’re not here
Now finally I can see
Where I’m going

Thanks for nothing
You will forever haunt me

And there came a time
You couldn't face that it was now yours and mine
You flew away like a paper plane that i never wanted to see again
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