Lyrics to Step On Over
Step On Over Video:
Put a little lovin' away inside your head
I hear you breathin' but I'm all on my own
You said you wanna help me liven up my life
And now I'm hanging on the edge of your words
To help me go on

I'm sinking on a feeling just thinking of you
Now I've got to keep my headaches under control
You give it all away, now you're really on your way
While I'm waiting for a piece of my mind
To help me go on

Step on over everyone
Steppin' out of time with what they say
Come on up and move on over don't you know
We do it all the time

I'm backing out of love
'Cause I want to see myself
I'll make it easy if you give us a chance
The sunshine's coming back
And I feel my heart attack
Don't you wanna know what real love feels like?
Well take it on home
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