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It's a natural fact, it's heredity Born in human originality It's a leading light, it's more and more It's increase and it is war It's supply and demand, it's competition It's the law and it's a fiscal mission It's the profit's song, a constant fight It is trade and it is right So get out of my day, you make me scream All you critics with your social dream We are the hope, we're heaven cent don't be shy, take my hand All the other way's - a complete disaster We wipe them out, they fall ever faster Reason and cash All their coloured flags will soon be trash It's a dollar affection and a stellar attraction It's a trip to the stars, we'll land on Mars An eternal chase for a new market place We need land, Martian take my hand This story of glory will end, we'll be sorry The price is high for a slimy lie Take my hand, say good-buy

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