Lyrics to Stefflon Don
Ayo, walking over water in my spare time
Redrum, shoot outs in broad daylight
I better end mine, your brains get air time
G Wagon, boss, Oscar de la, Oscar de la Renta
Guts in the Fisker, I wish a fuck nigga would
I got the stick tucked, don't get your baby moms stitched up
I got the mink dragging, dolo in Manhattan
Court side seats by Stefflon Don, we caught the whole row lacking
Dior vintage, kick the door down, got a bitch that hold shots
From the second floor, lord, they tried to sneak and jump behind the loveseat
I seen his nephew with the 40
Hit his forehead, he landed on his shorty (boom)
I hopped in the S, the [?] Valkyrie look sporty
I only pay homage to the niggas that's before me
These new niggas bore me, I ain't sorry
I body you niggas that's [?]
Fucking Derrick Jones, too many Flygod clones
My nigga in his cell want his cellphone

Sabu, dropped across the top rope
Benoit feeling very confident early on in this matchup
Sabu's manager, Paul and [?] stay ringside along with his manager
911, hopefully
Oh my God!
Did you see him land on his head?
I think he- I think he broke his neck
Pauly [?] and 911 attending to Sabu
He's not getting up, referee John Finnegan there as well
Oh my God
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