Lyrics to Steeple Of Blood
Upon this pulpit, I stand with salvation in hand
Prepare for the devil come this noon
Depart from me, to your tomb

To your tomb... to your tomb...

You and I are dying flesh
We've seen many laid to rest
Creatures full of mighty grief

Steal your soul and drag to hell
On this day the stories tell
Worship now, avoid the thief

Final judgement coming fast
Don't let this day be your last
What will be your final breath

Nothing certain for tomorrow
As you wallow in your sorrow
Will not know our day of death

Rise, and kill Mortimer
Sacrifice, into eternal fire

He will kill us where we stand
Even on this holy land
Guard the altar with our life

Veiled secret can't be told
Here we'll watch our death unfold
Battle for unholy strife

Below the altar three feet down
In a cast and under ground
Treasures hide from villain eyes

The book of life is locked away
With golden key, where this must stay
Adoid our death and sure demise

Rise, and kill Mortimer
Sacrifice, into eternal fire

Wrath of blood, steeple of fire

I warned them all, and in their lies
I see the horror in dying eyes
Trapped in fire, cross will burn

Bathed in flames, I hear your cry
The smell of flesh is drifting high
There is no where left to turn

On the floor you try to crawl
And work your way to heavens hall
Let my pistol be your guide

One by one I shoot to kill
For ending life is at my will
No survivors, all shall die

Die, I am Mortimer
Sacrifice, into eternal fire

Upon this pulpit, now burned
Town in fear, left alone
Hell gave mercy, no turn
Five more dead, five lost souls