Lyrics to Steel Eyes
Steel Eyes Video:
I talk to the lady with the steel grey eyes
While the sun is going down
And we talk of the things that we wish to know
But she's really not around
And the sunset on the mountain is the same colour
As her cascade chestnut hair
And now loving is in living
For forgetting your past
So now why the distant stare
Could it be there is someone who remains in her heart
And she cares

And the ice of her kisses lingers on and on
And the image of her body live
Yet you walked on black sand by the sea's turmoil
In the dark of a velvet night
Then you sat down and gave your hands to be kissed and loved
Could not you hear a gentle sigh
And by the stars part control of your wandering life
Do you believe in not telling lies
But it was good that you were warm on your way back home
Short love, goodbye
Songwriters: PHILLIPS, SHAWN
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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