Lyrics to Staying In
Staying In Video:
leave you at the door with a goodbye and a kiss
i'm sure we had a blast, i've forgotten most of it
see my memory is gone my body says i'm old
i'm telling you tonight i'm staying home

put my feet up on the table, enjoy a little glass
make myself a cup of coffee, maybe have a little snack
see i got the television here to keep me company
i'm telling you it's all i really need

you see we're at the age
where hangovers may last for many days
bad head aches, throat so sore
you'll feel it when you're pushing 34

staying in for the win
it's so great, it's my thing
go have fun, get a drink
you do whatever you want, i'm staying in

so add another name onto the ever growing list
of random drinking buddies that nobody's gonna miss
see i put in 20 years and i have seen it all before
i'm not saying that it's wrong, i just got bored
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