Lyrics to Stay With Me
Stay With Me Video:
How can you say it's over What can there be that we can't over come Why do you turn away Are you so afraid of needing someone Didn't we say forever I still believe feeling's strong enough Before you walk away Let me here You say you don't need my love Chorus : Stay with me Darling after all that we've been through Nobody else can warm your lonely nights No one's gonna love you like I do Stay with me Can't you see we've got too much to lose Oh stay with me, stay with me baby please Where is our happy ending And all of our promises Did you forget Tell me what's the use in love if it can less No I can't never let you live in this way I want you to stay Chorus Got to make you stay somehow Tell me what is gonna take it I can't live without you So please don't leave me now -Chommar, Ipiet, Ira, Hani -

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