Lyrics to Stay Here
Stay Here Video:
She said she wanted to end it
She said that she has been to the edge
She told me not to worry
She said that she is okay now
Have I heard the whole story
She didn't tell me a lot of things before
Does she still hate to wake up
Does she still think she's better off dead

Whatever it is that drives you crazy
I hope that it goes away
Whatever it is that makes you happy
I hope that you find it soon

She wouldn't tell me about it
She wouldn't tell me until the news was old
What if she had done it
Where would I be right now
As you think about your mother
Remember that you will meet her again somehow
But think about your father
You are all that he has left now

I've never seen anythingn my life so bad
Though it happens everywhere
She almost lost her chance to get where she belongs
I wish I could have been there

I hope that she will stay here
This nightmare will disappear
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