Lyrics to Stay By The Water
Stay By The Water Video:
I was calling but you couldn't hear my voice
I was falling but I couldn't make a choice
Watched the days pass, I couldn't catch the sun
Let the dawn go, I couldn't be the only one but you
Were home, I knew you'd go

If you stay by the water, my love, I will run to the water for you
If you lie while the moon rides the night, I'll arrive as the sunlight breaks through

I was stalled up; I stayed awake for days
When you called up I fell into a haze
Placed the phone down, I didn't know the cost
But I know now exactly what it was I lost in you
Were stoned, I knew you weren't alone

I was dreaming another time or place
A trace of semen, a trail of our mistakes
You were smiling; I tried to wipe it clean
Then you were crying, girl, I don't know just what this means but you
Are gold, it's getting cold
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